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My tattoo studio in Amsterdam specializes in custom Japanese body art inspired by calligraphy and Sumi-e (ink wash drawings).

You can describe my tattoo style as 'Neo-Japanese' or 'Freestyle', but I also make Irezumi, which are traditional Japanese tattoos.

Tattoo themes of mythical animals like the Foo dog, the phoenix and the dragon are very popular among my customers.

As a child I learned calligraphy and Sumi-e. It was a truly wonderful experience, and my love for working with ink and brush led me to combine calligraphy and Sumi-e with Irezumi.

Now, every time I create a tattoo, I aim to embody the sensitivity and energy of brush and ink into my tattoo design.

A very important aspect of my designs is their impact on the shape of the body. In men, my tattoos follow the body's natural lines to accentuate the size and movement of the male body form. In women, they enhance the shape of the female body to make it appear more beautiful.

Individuality is also very important to me, as it is to my clients. Each one of my tattoos is unique; no two are the same.


One of my signature - and very popular - designs, the brush stroke tattoo looks like it was painted directly onto the body with a thick brush. The realism behind these designs make them exude raw power.

Brush stroke designs are simple, but powerful and dynamic, highlighting the contrast between the black ink and the skin tone.

In order to maintain a high degree of visual impact, brush stroke designs focus on the overall presentation, rather than on fine details.


My Irezumi are a little different from the traditional Irezumi you may have seen.

For example, traditional Japanese Irezumi are usually two-dimensional, while we see the world in three-dimensions. My Irezumi are visually somewhere in between.

The most important thing about my Irezumi designs is their impact and power.

Whether you choose one of my brush stroke designs or an Irezumi, I will custom-design the tattoo so that you and only you have that design. I never use the same tattoo design twice for my customers.

Set up an appointment with me today to discuss the best tattoo design for you.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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