Amsterdam Tattoo 1825

I am Kimihito, an Amsterdam tattoo artist from Japan.
My calligraphy-inspired custom Japanese tattoos are unique; I never use the same design twice.
If you want to get a tattoo in Amsterdam, let me create a one-of-a-kind piece of body art for you.

Amsterdam Tattoo 1825

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Amsterdam Tattoo 1825

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My motifs, created with many colors, are inspired by Japanese calligraphy and Sumi-e ink wash drawings. You could describe my style as 'Neo-Japanese' or 'Free-style', but I also create traditional Japanese tattoos called Irezumi.

Another speciality of mine is the brush stroke design, which makes the tattoo look like it was painted directly onto the body with a thick brush.

Some of my most popular tattoo themes are of mythical animals, such as the dragon, the Foo dog and the phoenix.

A very important aspect of my designs is their impact on the shape of the body. In men, my tattoos follow the body's natural lines to accentuate the size and movement of the male body form. In women, they enhance the shape of the female body to make it appear more beautiful.

Individuality is very important to me, as it is to my clients. Each one of my tattoos is unique; no two are the same.


More than 10 years as a tattoo artist in 6 different countries have given me not only the skills to create outstanding designs, but also the experience to work with different kinds of people and understand what they want.

At my Amsterdam tattoo shop, I work with not only local clients, but also people from all over the Netherlands and abroad.

A tattoo is forever, so I devote a lot of time discussing it with the client. Only when we are both 100% satisfied with the proposed motif do I start the actual work.

And for your peace of mind, I conform to all the strict standards of tattoo hygiene and safety, as laid down by the Dutch National Center for Hygiene and Safety (LCHV). I use a disposable safety barrier during the tattoo application process, and all my needles, tubes, ink, cups, grips, gloves, etc. are disposable.


My tattoo studio in Amsterdam is conveniently located close to the Amsterdam Centraal station.
Walk-ins are fine, but appointments are highly recommended to ensure smooth service.
Contact me today to set up a session.
Amsterdam Tattoo 1825 is open every day, 11am to 9pm.


It all starts with an email.

Tell me your choice of motif, place, size, budget and when you want an appointment for the first consultation. Let me know whether you are from Amsterdam or from outside, especially from abroad.

At the first consultation, I will measure the size of the tattoo and discuss the design in detail. We will then decide the cost and the date of the actual procedure.
There is a deposit of €50, which will be deducted from the final fee. If your tattoo requires more than one session, the deposit will be €250.

I will complete your tattoo design three days before the actual procedure. If you like, you can come and check it before the procedure and make any adjustments, if necessary.
Or you can skip that and just come on the procedure date. You can always discuss the motif via email.

On the day of the procedure, you have to first sign a waiver and consent form. This is standard in any Amsterdam tattoo shop - or pretty much worldwide, for that matter.
Please do not drink alcohol from one day before the procedure. It can cause you to bleed more during the process, and can adversely affect the tattoo's outcome.

When the procedure is done, I will explain everything about after-care.


My clients often ask me if I participate in tattoo conventions.

I attended the 12th Amsterdam Tattoo Convention in May, 2016. This is a huge Amsterdam tattoo event. I will also be attending tattoo conventions throughout Europe and other countries in the coming months.

I will be at the 13th Amsterdam Tattoo Convention from 26 to 28 May, 2017. If you want to get inked by me at the convention, make sure you make an appointment first; I have limited slots.